of olympic rings fail is already on a t-shirt

When the over-sized Olympic ring failed to open during the opening ceremony at the Sochi Winter Olympics, the Internet took note.

That’s right; now you can order your very own “Sochi Problems” t-shirt, complete with a malfunctioning Olympic ring.

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of how was vladimir putin’s television screen showing all five olympic rings?

Images were released of Vladimir Putin in his presidential suite with a television showing all five Olympic rings from the opening ceremony – but in the ceremony there was no fifth ring.

Russia endured its first embarrassment as hosts of the Winter Olympics on Friday when a dramatic representation of the Olympic rings failed during the opening ceremony.

A centre-piece of the ceremony, five lit snowflakes were suspended in mid-air in the Fisht Olympic Stadium, as can be seen on the television in this photo of Vladimir Putin in his presidential suite…

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of olympics rings malfunction at sochi 2014 opening ceremony

Five snowflakes were supposed to transform into five interlocking rings during the event, but number five (the red one) appeared to get stuck, serving as an unintentional slight to the nations it is generally considered to represent (Japan and China).

Photos of four fifths of the Olympics symbol soon spread on social media, overshadowing a performance from Russian duo Tatu.

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of some one burnt straits times in front of sph news centre

We thought the ST ought to be burnt as its reporting rubbish for many years and an international disgrace to our country. Its press ranking has been dropping throughout the years and though SPH don’t care, as citizens we are bothered by the lack of a free press. Now the government wants to curtail the internet too…I thought we are a democratic society? By the way, we have picked up the debris after the burn and there is no injury to anyone or property nearby.


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of petition to reduce national service

Former presidential candidate Tan Kin Lian has started a petition online to call for national service (NS) to be shortened from the current two years to a year, and for less frequent reservist training.

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Petition to reduce National Service

National defense is important for Singapore. However, we should review our approach to make sure that the budget and resources are effectively used to produce the desired outcome.

Our defense budget is high as a proportion of GDP in relation to other countries. We also require our male citizens to spend two years full time for military training and to be called back for reservist training over a period of up to 15 years.

Two years is too long. In many countries that have conscription, they are able to achieve their training within 12 months.

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of civic beng carplate is 4d first prize!

#Civicbeng has changed the fate for so many Singaporeans. It looks like Singapore Pools is joining in the fun.

4D first prize: 4253.
#Civicbeng car plate: 5423.


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of briton flees to australia after being sacked for mocking singapore ‘poor’

Anton Casey, the British fund manager who mocked the ‘poor people’ of Singapore on Facebook, has been sacked and forced to flee the country for Australia.
Casey, 39, took a Singapore Airlines flight to Perth on Friday but not before first apologising for the biggest mistake in his life and offering to do ”community service”.

The angry reaction to his Facebook insults had left his situation and that of his former Miss Singapore wife, Bernice Wong, and son in the island state untenable.

Photo Source: British banker – I need to wash off the stench of public transport used by the poor

Casey who worked for a small financial company called CrossInvest, and who occasionally appeared on local television as a financial pundit, had displayed, claimed angry Singaporeans, ‘intolerable arrogance’. CrossInvest said in a statement: “[Casey's] comments go against our core corporate and family values that are based on trust, mutual understanding and are respectful of diversity.

“Accordingly, CrossInvest Asia and Mr Casey have parted ways with immediate effect.”

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Photo Source: Porsche-owning UK expat infuriates Singapore with “poor people” gaffes

Local hip Geylang bar takes the mickey out of Anton Casey brouhaha

Photo Source: http://ift.tt/KWCksD

Kim Huat lashes out at wAnton disregard for our dignity as public transport users of Singapore.

Watch the mrbrown show: Who say we smelly?

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of spring cleaning but it’s just too risky

Every year the 6th floor unit opposite us will perform death-defying stunt while cleaning the windows. Although she is wearing safety harness, it still dangerous to be cleaning windows this way.

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of paul george’s 360 dunk

Paul George stole the rock, broke away and finished one of the most impressive dunks of the year in the Pacers’ 106-92 victory over the Clippers.

Photo Source: http://www.indystar.com

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Watch Paul George’s amazing 360 windmill slam vs Clippers – commentators go crazy! (01.18.2014)

Paul George’s 360 Windmill Slam!

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of 14 ways to survive chinese new year (#calmcomebacks)

Every Chinese New Year, we face annoying relatives asking awkward questions. Learn these tips to survive!

Watch 14 Ways To Survive Chinese New Year (#calmcomebacks)

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