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of return our cpf

There was a protest on 7 Jun 2014 at Hong Lim Park against the Central Provident Fund’s (CPF) Minimum Sum Scheme. Speakers at the event also called for better returns on CPF monies. The line-up of speakers at the “Return Our CPF” protest included former Presidential candidate Tan Kin Lian, as well as Reform Party chief Kenneth Jeyaretnam. Also at the protest was blogger Roy Ngerng, who is currently involved in a defamation suit by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong after he alleged in a blogpost that Mr Lee misappropriated CPF savings. Mr Ngerng called for more transparency in the CPF system and said Singaporeans should be able to withdraw all their CPF savings once they hit retirement age.

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Return Our CPF #2

Return Our CPF #3

#ReturnOurCPF Stop increasing minimum sum: Mr Chee Soon Juan’s message by Mr Ariffin Sha

#ReturnOurCPF Stop increasing minimum sum: Mr Prabu Ramachandran

#ReturnOurCPF Stop increasing minimum sum: Mr Tan Kin Lian

#ReturnOurCPF Stop increasing minimum sum: Mr Kenneth Jeyaretnam

#ReturnOurCPF – Vincent Wijeysingha

Return Our CPF Protest – Leong Sze Hiang

#ReturnOurCPF Stop increasing minimum sum: Ms Han Hui Hui

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of an open letter to the prime minister

I had thought to keep quiet during this period of political transition while watching events unfold. But what is happening currently has perturbed me enough to want to do another commentary. I have cast it in the form of a direct letter to the PM, to convey a greater sense of urgency.

Dear Mr Prime Minister

We are in the midst of a crisis where the people no longer trust their government, and the government no longer cares about regaining their trust.

There are two clear signs that the present situation has reached crisis proportions, that it is not just an affective divide, not just an emotional estrangement between your PAP leadership and the people.

Firstly, the people are resorting to forms of high-visibility, high-risk protest never seen before, such as graffiti writ large on public buildings, persistent, strident online criticism despite stern government warnings and threats, an increased frequency of mass gatherings held at the Speakers’ Corner, as well as increased hostility shown at these gatherings.

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