of adorable baby gets confused by his dad’s twin brother

16-month old Reed is confused which one is his dad.

Adorable baby gets confused by his dad’s twin brother

When your dad is a twin…


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of real-life disney princess

Sarah Ingle transforms herself into Disney princesses.

Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, Aurora, Rapunzel, Merida from Brave, and Elsa and Anna from Frozen.

This 25-Year-Old Woman Paid $14,000 to Look Like Disney Princesses


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of 3kg chicken rice

Zermatt Neo.

10 portions of chicken rice and a whole chicken in slightly over 29 minutes.



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of canon wants its own aeroplane photo

Canon wants its own aeroplane photo.

Up in the air! This week, share your best airplane photos with us. Extra points for creative use of photo editing software to put planes in surprising places.

SCDF also



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of drone technology that can sense and avoids objects

Aerialtronics has developed a sense and avoid solution.

Can detect obstacles up to 7m away at a 360-degree angle.


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of when students in top schools don’t make the grade

Monica Lim talks about the ‘O’ level results.

When the ‘O’ level results were released this year, there was some hoo-ha when the Middle Ground reported that only 1 out of 10 students in RI’s pioneer ‘O’ level class scored well enough to make it to JC. Many people were in shock, including the students, it would seem – RI? How could this have happened?

When students in top schools don’t make the grade

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of make yourself an ang pow millenium falcon

Fabian Chan says “No angpow fish or angpow lanterns for me.”


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of is titanium bulletproof?

Demonlition Ranch shows us how strong this stuff really is!!!

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of how to lao yusheng (捞起魚生) like a boss

Good illustration of what each ingredient in the yusheng mean from Infographics.sg

Step 1: All at the table / Ready to begin
Words: 恭喜发财 / 万事如意

Step 2: Adding in raw fish
Words: 年年有馀

Step 3: Adding pomelo or lime to the raw fish
Words: 大吉大利

Step 4: Sprinkling pepper & cinnamon powder
Words: 招财进宝

Step 5: Pouring oil / plum sauce over ingredients
Words: 一本万利 / 财原广进

Step 6: Adding shredded carrot to the raw fish
Words: 鸿运当头

Step 7: Adding shredded green radish to the raw fish
Words: 青春常住

Step 8: Adding shredded white radish to the raw fish
Words: 步步高升

Step 9: Pouring peanut crumbs and sesame seeds
Words: 金银满屋 / 生意兴隆

Step 10: Throwing in deep-fried flour crisps
Words: 满地黄金

Step 11: All to toss the salad an auspicious 7 times with shouts of “lo hei” and other auspicious wishes.
Words: 捞起

Download the inforgraphics from Infographics.sg

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of shaq surprises basketball cop

Police officer Bobby White attends to a complaint about kids playing basketball loudy in the street. He left after playing with them.

Shaq heard about the story. Met Officer White. Both and other officers went to the neighborhood to surprise the kids.

Last week, someone called the Gainesville Police Department to make the complaint.

Officer Bobby White responded and instead of reprimanding the kids, he decided to join in and play with them.

His dash camera was rolling and captured more kids showing up to join in.

“Have fun. Glad to see y’all doing this than out there causing problems,” Officer White told the group. “You play here every day? Okay, I’m going to try to bring some back-up out here tomorrow and we’ll get a game going.”


Shaquille O’Neal just dropped a huge surprise on the Florida Basketball Cop and the kids he shot hoops with in a viral video … showing up to the department and playing some street ball.

Shaq arrived at the Gainesville Police Department Saturday and headed out to the same spot Officer Bobby White responded to a call last week which ended in a game of pick-up ball with local kids. It’s pretty awesome, you can tell how pumped both the kids and the officers are to play with the big man.


Shaq Surprises Basketball Cop … Game On!!!

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